More Bang for Your Buck
with Shared Ownership

Finance / 1 July 2023

Worried about the cost of living? Worried about rising private rent prices? Perfectly understandable. Your housing expenditure is most likely to be your biggest financial outlay each month, so why not start there and evaluate whether there’s an alternative saving you could be making? Whether you already own an older home or privately rent, switching to new-build Shared Ownership could save you money each month to enjoy London Living as it should be.


Did you know?

The average rent in London is now 52% of an average single-earner’s pre-tax income.


There are pitfalls when it comes to older homes. The first is that they most often have lower energy efficiency ratings; the second is that they can require costly maintenance repairs (and in the cases of privately renting, these can go unfixed by landlords). But this doesn’t have to be your reality; you don’t have to fork out on rocketing rent prices and accept the fate or rising energy costs.

You can make your money go further. There has never been a better time to buy new. You are investing in your future and saving money in the process.

There are several benefits associated with buying a Shared Ownership apartment at Leaside Lock:


Shared Ownership

Buying through Shared Ownership is a fantastic alternative to private renting. You can jump onto the property ladder by owning as little as 25% of the property. Your exact mortgage payments will be based on the percentage of the share that you own; you’ll pay a subsidised rent on the rest.

We will carry out an affordability check to make sure you aren’t stretching yourself too much financially.

Energy Efficiency

New build properties are significantly greener than their older counterparts as they must adhere to strict energy efficiency and sustainability regulations during construction. In communal areas, we use photovoltaic panels that provide affordable and sustainable energy. In our Shared Ownership apartments, the heat and power system increases energy efficiency and reduces monthly utility bills.


Did you know?

  • A new build apartment is 46% cheaper to heat than an older property

  • A new build apartment generates 53% lower carbon emissions than an older property of its type

    Figures taken from HBF Greener, Cheaper, Cleaner Report


High Specification

Leaside Lock apartments epitomise luxury. Built to a high specification using sustainable materials, the apartments offer high-end finishes to suit their contemporary design.


Amenities Galore

Leaside Lock has been designed to offer the very best of modern living. The development offers a range of superb amenities that you can utilise to your advantage. Amenities that could save you money include:

Residents’ gym

Do you pay for a gym membership but never actually go? With plans for a residents’ gym literally on your doorstep, you can enjoy an invigorating workout or unwind in the relaxation studio without needing to pay an extortionate member fee elsewhere.

Café and rooftop terrace

There’s no need to spend money travelling into the city: you can catch up with friends over coffee in our on-site café. Our rooftop terrace also offers beautiful sunset views which you can enjoy with a BYOB.

Bicycle storage

Ditch the train fares and save money by cycling to work. Not only is it more economical, this option is also more environmentally friendly. You don’t even have to store your bike in your apartment: we have a residents’ cycle storage facility where you can store your bike securely.

Co-working spaces

Work from home without actually having to work from the kitchen table. Our innovative and flexible co-working spaces mean you don’t have to travel at all. It’s an idyllic office set-up and offers you a creative space to work without leaving the apartment block.


Start saving money today. We have a range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom Shared Ownership apartments available. Search for your dream riverside home now.


*Shared Ownership – Terms and conditions apply. This scheme is subject to status and fitting criteria. Minimum and maximum share values will apply and rent is payable on the unsold share. Shared Ownership value is £113,125 for a 25% of the full market value of £452,500. Deposit calculated at 5% mortgage deposit of £113,125 (25% Shared Ownership) of a 2-bedroom apartment (C-2-6). A £99 reservation fee is also required in addition to secure your apartment.